Download Excel Project General Ledger Template

General ledgers are simple form of showing daily transactions occur in the business place. They are recorded and maintained by accountants. Monthly excel project templates are tables and sheets which shows transactions and expenses made by business during a time span of a month for a particular project.

For efficient and successful running of business it is emphasized to keep track of all the expenses. Imagine yourself as an accountant in business then you can fully understand the importance of recording financial transactions occur on daily basis.

Importance of General Ledger Regarding Business Perspective

Very important regarding business perspective, without it you are in trouble to deal with daily or monthly financial transaction.

  • Recording all financial transactions is a practice of successful business.
  • Different types of transactions made in business are difficult to memorize.
  • A business deals with hundreds and thousands of transactions in a day and week as per the type of business.

  • Petty cash is small amount of cash available to business to use for daily expenses.
  • It is important to show where it is being spent.
  • It is the basis of efficient running of business and receipts relating to expenses can be saved.
  • Monthly expenses made by a business helps in showing fixed and variable expenses.
  • It is also beneficial as it shows expenses which can be avoided by business help in making investments on other places as well as making more profit for the business.

Features of Monthly Project General Ledger Template Excel

These sheets are used for analysis purpose. It shows the debit and credit transactions made by a business in a day. Invoices related to expenses made can also be attached or kept safely to authenticate theses entries. Planning sheet template with help of this template can sort of all financial issues.

It is a document used in daily basis in business therefore it is not a perfect document which shows transactions in an official manner, However these are helpful for maintaining account by accountant. It does not show effect of expenses on particular accounts as well as on balance sheet however it provided information that these expenses are made. Accountant has a key responsibility of making and maintaining balance sheet at the end of balance sheet it is useful in that scenario.

Advantage of General Ledgers for Project Management

  • Project managers have a role of making budgets related to specific project.
  • They can make effective budgets and plans using general ledger templates.
  • Resource allocation is necessary for project management.
  • Efficient allocation and availability can be allowed by using general ledgers templates.
  • To complete project on time without any hindrance is key for successful business.

Microsoft Excel Template for General Ledger

Technology has made our lives more comfortable and using electronic media for preparing general ledgers is easier. These are useful for making efficient and productive decisions by project managers as well other management personnel therefore they need to be kept updated.

A basic template shows description of expense made and whether it’s under debit category or credit category. It also shows net expenses made by business in a period of month. Inventory holding decisions can be made more effectively by using this template.